At Pets and Vets Animal Clinic, we offer a variety of services to care for your pet. If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can care for your pet, please contact us today.

Exams and Consultations

Our staff will get a chance to talk to you and see if you are having any trouble with your pet. We will also go over diet, preventive medicine, and exercise to ensure that your pet is as healthy as possible. Then, one of our veterinarians will do a complete physical examination on your pet. It is always good to have a baseline in case your pet ever becomes ill. We also want to monitor your pet’s weight, ensuring that your pet stays a healthy weight. It is much easier to start a diet when a pet is a pound overweight instead of fifteen! Our veterinarian will also look for any potential problems. Our goal is to catch any problems before they become major ones. The sooner that we are able to catch a problem, the easier it is to treat it and the more likely that your pet will make a full recovery!

Nutritional Counseling

Obesity is a common problem among pets, as it can be easy to over-feed a pet that knows how to beg. But being overweight is a serious problem for animals, and can cause real health problems as they get older. With proper diet and exercise, all pets should be able to meet their dietary needs and be within a healthy weight range.

Pet’s nutritional needs change as they enter different stages of their lives. The best way to make sure your pet’s needs are being met is to consult with us about a diet made specifically for his or her lifestyle.


There are a variety of diseases which affect our pets and other animals. This makes proper vaccination vital in protecting them from the many types of illnesses they are susceptible to. It’s important to consult with us about the unique risks of living in our region. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of protecting your pet with vaccinations, as well as, provide you with information on the required vaccinations for your pet.

Feline Vaccination: Core
Every cat should have or receive immunizations with core vaccines in accordance with existing guidelines

  • Rabies virus
  • Feline panleukopenia virus
  • Feline herpesvirus-1
  • Calicivirus

Feline: Non Core

  • Feline Leukemia Virus

Canines Vaccinations: Core

  • Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus and Parainfluenza (DAPP)
  • Bordetella
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies

Canines Vaccinations: Non Core (But highly recommended)

  • Leptospira
  • Influenza (H3N2 and H3N8)
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica (Kennel cough)

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Every year, thousands and thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s a tragedy that happens all too often. But there is a simple, safe, and effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and retrieval should they ever become lost. Microchipping is a standard procedure that implants a tiny chip underneath your pet’s fur. It is a painless and relatively fast procedure, and is completely safe. This microchip is registered with your pet’s vital information, and can be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter so that they can return your pet directly to you.

Preventive Medicine

Regular checkups allow us to establish a baseline in your pet’s health and make us aware of any changes that may indicate future problems. We highly recommend bringing your pet in for regular exams. Often times health problems that go undetected can become more serious issues when left untreated, so checkups are important even when your pet appears healthy.


Our hospital provides a wide variety of in-house diagnostic testing with the most state of the art technology available. It is our goal to provide your pet with the highest level of care possible, and our diagnostic tools help us do that.

  • Ultrasounds (Cardiac, abdominals, soft tissues)
  • Digital radiographs
  • Digital oral radiographs
  • In house blood analyzers
  • Blood gas (For emergencies and critical care)
  • Endoscopy


We offer a fully stocked pharmacy to fill your pet’s prescription needs. Having an on-site pharmacy provides you with a more convenient way to get your pet’s medication. We hope that this will save you time and ultimately enhance your experience with us.


We believe in utilizing the highest level of medical technology, and our surgeons are experienced and highly trained. We also realize that it can be stressful to have your pet undergo surgery. We want to assure you that your pet is in good hands, and that we will do everything to provide the best care possible. We will communicate with you about the things you need to know before, during, and after your pet’s surgery. It is our goal to make the entire process go smoothly, and to eliminate the stress and worry of surgical procedures.

Liver Surgeries

  • Liver Tumors
  • Gallbladder Surgery
  • Gallbladder Mucocele
  • Portostystemic Shunts

Respiratory And Heart Surgeries

  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Chylothorax
  • Lung Lobe Torsion
  • Lung Tumors
  • Lung Tumors Removed With Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Laryngeal Paralysis
  • Nasal Cavity Tumors
  • Pectus Excavatum
  • Persistent Right Aortic Arch (Vascular Ring Anomalie)
  • Thymoma Tumors Removed With Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Tracheal Tear
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Skin Surgeries

  • Cuterebra Infection
  • Microvascular Free Flaps
  • Skin Flaps
  • Skin Grafts
  • Skin Tumors
  • Mass Removal

Spine Surgeries

  • Intervertebral disc disease

Urinary And Genital Surgeries

  • C-section
  • Cryptorchidism – Undescended Testicle Removal With Laparoscopy
  • Cryptorchidism – Undescended Testicle Removal With Groin Approach
  • Bladder Stones
  • Bladder Stones Removed With Laparoscopy
  • Bladder Tumors
  • Ectopic Ureters
  • Kidney Tumors
  • Kidney Transplantation In Cats
  • Laparoscopic Spay
  • Laparoscopy – Ovarian Remnant Syndrome
  • Prostate Diseases
  • Pyometra
  • Urethral Prolapse
  • Ureteral Stones
  • Urethral Stones And Urinary Obstruction
  • Urethrostomy In Dogs
  • Urethrostomy In Cats
  • Vaginal Cyst – Gartner Cyst
  • Vulvoplasty (Episioplasty) For Chronic Urinary Tract Infection
  • Ovariohysterectomy

Ear Surgeries

  • Total Ear Canal Ablation
  • Inflammatory Polyps Of The Middle Ear
  • Erectile Ear Dysfunction In Dogs

Oncology Surgeries

  • Adrenal Tumors In Ferrets
  • Adrenal Tumors In Dogs
  • Anal Sac Tumors
  • Bladder Tumors
  • Bone Cancer
  • Bone Cancer – Limb Amputation Surgery
  • Bone Cysts
  • Digital Tumors
  • Drain Care
  • Eye Tumors
  • Eyelid Tumors
  • Ear Tumors
  • Feline Vaccine-associated Sarcoma
  • Hypertrophic Osteopathy
  • Insulinoma
  • Kidney Tumors
  • Lipomas – Fatty Tumors
  • Liver Tumors
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lung Tumors Removed With Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Mammary Tumors
  • Mast Cell Tumors
  • Melanoma Tumors
  • Mesothelioma
  • Mouth Cancer (Oral Tumors)
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Nasal Cavity Tumors
  • Nose (External) Tumors
  • Parathyroid Tumors
  • Prostate Tumors
  • Rectal And Colonic Tumors
  • Rib Tumors
  • Skin Tumors
  • Skull Tumors
  • Small Intestinal Tumors
  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spleen Tumors
  • Stomach Tumors
  • Testicular Tumors
  • Thymoma – Removal With Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Thyroid Tumors In Cats
  • Thyroid Tumors In Dogs

Orthopedic Surgeries

  • Angular Limb Deformity
  • Angular Limb Deformity – Forelimb
  • Arthrodesis
  • Arthroscopy – General Information
  • Arthroscopy – Elbow
  • Arthroscopy – Shoulder
  • Arthroscopy – Stifle
  • Bone Cysts
  • Bone Diseases – Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy
  • Bone Diseases – Hypertrophic Osteopathy
  • Bone Diseases – Panosteitis
  • Carpal Hyperextension Injury
  • Cruciate Repair – Dynamic Tibial Pateau Leveling Procedure For Immature Dogs
  • Cruciate Repair – Extracapsular Repair (Nylon Band Technique)
  • Cruciate Repair – Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy – Tplo
  • Cruciate Repair – Tibial Tubercle Advancement – Tta
  • Dislocation – Hock Instability
  • Dislocation – Sacroiliac Luxation
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Fracture – Digit
  • Fractures – Elbow
  • Fractures – External Skeletal Fixation
  • Fractures – Femur – Distal
  • Fractures – Femur – Capital Physis
  • Fractures – Growth Plates
  • Fractures – Humerus Shaft
  • Fractures – Jaw
  • Fracture – Metabones (Paw)
  • Fractures – Pelvic
  • Fractures – Radius And Ulna
  • Fractures – Tibia
  • Fractures – Tibia With Minimally Invasive Approach (Mio)
  • Fractures – Tibia Growth Plate
  • Hip – Legg-calve-perthes Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia – General Information
  • Hip Dysplasia – Early Detection With Penn Hip
  • Hip Dysplasia – Femoral Head And Neck Excision
  • Hip Dysplasia – Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis
  • Hip Dysplasia – Triple Pelvic Osteotomy
  • Hip Dysplasia – Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Luxation
  • Muscle – Semitendinosus And Gracilis Myopathy
  • Pain Management After Surgery
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Shortened Radius Syndrome
  • Tendon – Achilles’ Tendon/gastrocnemius Tendon Rupture
  • Tendon – Biceps Tenosynovitis
  • Tendon – Digital Tendon Rupture
  • Tendon – Infraspinatus Tendon Contracture
  • Tendon – Long Digital Extensor Tendon Avulsion
  • Tendon – Popliteus Tendon Avulsion
  • Tendon – Superficial Digital Tendon Luxation
  • Tendon – Supraspinatus Tendinopathy
  • Shoulder – Osteochondritis Dissecans (Ocd)

Ophthalmic Surgeries

  • Surgical Correction Of The Prolapsed Gland Of The Third Eyelid.
  • Temporary Tarsorrhaphy
  • Eye Enucleation (Dogs, Cats & Exotics Pets)
  • Eyelid Laceration Repair And Tumor Removal.
  • Eyelid Reconstruction
  • Entropion Correction Surgery

Gastrointestinal Surgeries

  • Abdominal exploratory
  • Anal gland infection – anal sacculectomy
  • Dentigerous cyst – dental cyst
  • Esophageal foreign body
  • Gastric volvulus and dilatation – stomach bloat
  • Laparoscopic gastropexy
  • Megacolon in cats
  • PEG tube care – stomach tube
  • Oral papilloma
  • Peritonitis
  • Perineal hernias
  • Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA)
  • Salivary Mucocele
  • Small intestinal tumors
  • Splenic torsion (twisted spleen)
  • Stomach tumors

Dental Clinic – Oral Prophylaxis

Why We Do Not Do Anesthesia Free Dental CleaningClick here to read article

Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we care for your pet.

CT Scan

MRI and CT Scans are tools that use x-rays to produce images of cross-sections or “slices” of the body. These state of the art diagnostic tests allow veterinarians to get a different view of an animal’s body that otherwise would not be possible.

We are proud to have MRI and CT Scan capability here at Pets and Vets Animal Clinic, allowing us to bring state-of-the-art veterinary medicine to you. MRI and CT Scans are some of the fastest and most effective ways to create images of the inside of the body and are particularly useful for animals dealing with problems in their abdominal cavity.

To learn more about MRI and CT Scans, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Artificial Insemination

Here at Pets and Vets Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer artificial insemination for our patients.

Artificial insemination is becoming more popular with breeders. It allows you to breed your female dog even when the stud dog is nowhere near you. Since semen can be frozen and shipped, many breeders enjoy being able to choose from a wide variety of dogs. You no longer have to ship your dog to the stud and leave her there for days or weeks until she becomes pregnant.

Artificial insemination is becoming even more popular because breeding is more successful with it. Since we bypass the cervix, we have a bigger window of time for breeding, and we can monitor the female and determine the perfect time to perform the procedure.

When we artificially inseminate your female dog, we put the semen directly into her vagina so that it is more likely to be successful.

If you have any questions about artificial insemination, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (305) 861-1113.